2 November 2013


Welcome to my blog.

This picture is a bit like Temple Run but it's Indiana Jones escaping from the Temple of Doom. He is running out of the spikes room with his companion who made it to the other side before him. Indiana Jones is not going to die by the way. The big rocks have spikes on them. All the spikes on the rocks are painful, and the roof is lowering while they escape. He has 10 minutes to get out.

This is the second Temple of Doom picture. It is the flat room. Indiana Jones needs to slide to get to the shark trophy and get all the way across. The girl is where Indiana Jones needs to get to and the girl has a party hat on. You can see the different hats that the girl and Indiana Jones have.

This is the third Temple of Doom picture. It's called the sandpit mayhem room. As you can see the yellow person is stuck in the quicksand. Only water can help destroy the quicksand and get the person out. Indiana Jones is lassoing the water trophy and the water goes over him and pushes the trophy to the other end. The slide will push the water into the quicksand to help the yellow person get out. The yellow person is small enough to grab the trophy. The other people will help the yellow person up.

This is the fourth Temple of Doom picture. As you can see Indiana Jones (at the bottom of the picture, in the middle, getting hit by explosions) is getting hurt. The person right at the top is a good guy. The only girl near the top is a good guy. The person who is trying to shoot the bad guy is also a good guy.



  1. Hi sunny happy boy, what a wonderful website and terrific pictures. The story is very exciting, great imagination. You must be very clever to do all this, we are both very impressed. Looking forward to tomorrow's blog, Jane

  2. I wish I was clever like you, David

  3. My little man.. What a great start to a new blog.